Condolence Tent

Condolence tents can be used four seasons and can be manufactured in desired sizes.

Apart from the use as condolence tent, it can be used by municipalities or personal users as an organization or booth tent for various events.

It is a tent model that makes our condolence tradition alive and reminds us of our customs.

 ·         Tents are preferred by municipalities, associations and individual users for offering a safe and practical solution for condolence and funeral services. ·         Tents that do not require expertise in assembly and disassembly can offer high comfort even in difficult terrain conditions. ·         It provides natural ventilation with windows in front and rear door parts and side sections and ensures natural ventilation thanks to that side parts can be collected vertically. ·         Thanks to the integrated smoke-hole in the door part, the inside of the tent has the ability to warm up with the stove during the winter months. ·         The moisture in the tent is reduced to a minimum by the use of polyethylene lining in the oval section of the upper windows on the roof. ·         It can be manufactured in desired sizes and the most preferred measures are 5.00x12.00 m and 6.00x10.00 m considering the use on the streets and avenues. ·         Tents can be used in all seasonal conditions and are waterproof. ·         Tents can be used in weather conditions between -40oC and +60oC degrees ·         The material used in the canvas parts of the tent is resistant to tearing.