Construction Site Tent

It is an ideal construction site type tent. It can be used as a dining living room, dormitory and for storage purposes. It is made of the polyester canvas and thus it is waterproof. The tent is manufactured as insulated and uninsulated. A stove can be installed within the tent if desired. It can be made in every desired size. The poles (the frame) are made of pipes and it can be manufactured with single as entry or double entries.

  • Canvas Type: It is an EFES brand waterproof polyester canvas.
  • Main frame pipes and intermediate pipes are approved by T.S.I. (Turkish Standards Institution) and painted by industrial paint. The system of the tent is demountable.
  • The poles connected to the ground are made in a paneled system.
  • If preferred insulated, the isolation material is the fiberglass covered with nylon conservation.
  • If preferred insulated, the lining material is polythene.
  • On the front, there are 2 windows, and on the back side there are 1 window and a smoke-hole for the stove.
  • If preferred, it can be manufactured with double-entry.
  • If preferred, it can be manufactured with a profile door. 
  • It has a setup scheme, guy ropes and steel dowels.

Ideal Dimensions: 3x4.50 m -  4x6 m -  5x6m - 5x8 m – 5x10m – 6x10m – 7x10m – 7x14 m