Disaster Tents

Different models are available including conical type, engineer type and half-round type.

It is the tent model that is famous for its structure that is fit for all weather conditions, strength and being able to be installed on all kinds of terrains.

Conic Type

Our conic type model is famous for its practical and common use, being fit for all weather conditions and its strength. It can be able installed on all kinds of terrains. It is made of a special type of canvas with waterproof properties. It can be produced in various sizes. It has the ability to be installed and disassembled practically with the single pole system.

Engineer Type 

Our engineering type tents are manufactured in two different models and are fit for all kinds of weather conditions. It was made of a special type waterproof canvas. It can be produced in various sizes. The frame parts are made of iron pipes and it is easy to install and disassemble. Common areas of use are construction sites, beekeeping sector and disaster areas.

Semi-Circular Type With or Without Isolation

It is an ideal tent of half-round type. It is made of polyester canvas and thus waterproof. It is manufactured with or without Izocam (a window product of a Turkish insulation products manufacturer). A stove can be installed if desired. The ideal size is 3 x 4.5 m. The frames are made of pipes and it can be manufactured with single or double entries. It is also used in disaster zones and for military purposes.

Sports Hall Tents

These types of tents are the demountable systems that we manufacture for the purpose of covering different sports areas such as tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. It is widely used. The frame part is made of iron pipe in trussed system.  It is made of polyester canvas and has the waterproof property.