Fabric Store

Thanks to the threaded mechanism, it is wrapped and opened on the roll. This system which is used to block sunlight in houses and workplaces can be made of imported acrylic fabric in any desired size.

  • The type of fabric used is imported acrylic fabric with a 5 year lightfastness guarantee.
  • Color is determined on the choice, different color and pattern options are available.
  • Moves vertically.
  • Manually turning the system is provided with the up and down movements of the lever.
  • The gearbox is wrapped and opened on the roller thanks to its gear mechanism.
  • It can be fixed to the floor thanks to its lower locking and tensioning apparatus.
  • On request, the system must be wrapped directly into the roller or the moving roller part can be manufactured in closed special box.
  • In the boxed system, channels and caps are painted with electrostatic powder paint to the desired RAL color.