Özlem (Code 3) 475 cm.* 360 cm.- Double Roof- Double Room

Özlem is a two-room model and it has 200 cm long side-covered canopy on the front. The door entry is made of tulle which is opened and closed with a zip. Windows are tulle and have an outer cover. The base part is a moisture-proof uniform material. The biggest feature of this type of tent is that it has a double ceiling and that it does not transmit the heat to the tent. This feature ensures that the tent is cool and airy during daytime. It has plenty of internal ventilation equipment. The frame part is covered with electrostatic paint. 

  • Sections: 2 room
  • External Dimensions: 475 cm x 360 cm
  • Medium Height: 220 cm
  • Side Height: 185 cm
  • Total Weight: 53 kg