Portative Folding Tent

The model that bursts into prominence with its feature of being opened and closed by 1 person in a time below 1 minute thanks to the practical installation will serve you in all kinds of organizations.

The product comes to the fore with no installation required.

  • A water-proof tent canvas with polyester coated inner part and fabric outer part is used in the fabric part of the tent.
  • The fabric color is determined upon preference.
  • The frame part can be opened and closed practically with the accordion logic thanks to the trusses in the rim and the navel.
  • Frame part does not require installation.
  • There are two pairs of trusses on each side and two pairs of trusses on the middle part of the frame.
  • The frame part is painted with electrostatic oven-drying ( RAL – 9016 white color )
  • There are plastic parts on the feet on the ground.
  • These plastic parts can be fixed to soil or concrete floor with a pile or steel dowel.
  • Jamb heights can be set to 3 levels and the eaves is 180cm – 200cm and 210cm.
  • After these heights, there is an extra 30 centimeters eaves height.
  • The system is equipped with fixing and tensioning stakes and fixing anchors.
  • The system is easy to install and can be turned on and off by 1 person in a short period of time.
  • The foot height latch is a special mould plastic apparatus.
  • In the corners and in the parts where the middle truss come, there are reinforcing brandy pieces.
  • Thanks to the touch and close fastener, the brand assembly can be assembled on the frame and removed.