Side-Pole Aluminum Mega Umbrellas

It is the umbrella model, which we have offered to our esteemed customers from our production band in 2016 and attracted great interest with its robustness and elegance.

It can be produced in round or square form.

  • It has a special type 100x120x3 millimeter aluminum body.
  • Metal frame parts should be coated with wooden appearance paint.
  • The opening and closing motion of the system takes place with metal turning arm mechanism.
  • The mechanism is in the winding system with rollers.
  • Optionally, it can be manufactured with fixed or wheel brake as sub-metal base.
  • The subcarrier base has marble block weight.
  • The fabric used in the umbrella is imported acrylic fabric with a 5-year color fade guarantee and the color is determined on the choice.
  • Different color and pattern fabric alternatives are available.