Skyrail Retractable Pergola System

A new living space...

SkyRail carries the elegance of the Folding Rail Tent pergola to your living spaces. This is a retractable awning system that can be opened and closed with remote control which is resistant to adverse weather conditions and can be used comfortably even in winter conditions.

The awning ensures functionality and style in outer spaces. It is designed to expand available open areas and increase the outdoor functionality.

It can be easily integrated into any space and ensures protection from rain and sun in the outdoor area with its high quality and modern design.

The system is completed with SOMFY motor system which can be turned on and off by remote control. The fabric of the retractable awning system is sewn with SIOEN COATING DISTRIBUTION.

•Turning off the system is ensured by folding and retracting the awning on it.

•The construction of the system is produced from aluminum.
•The system can also be closed with folding and sliding glass or crystal mica. Thus, you can effectively protect your space from rain and cold in winter.
•The SkyRail model can also be produced as double open. In this way, it can be opened in two directions at the same time, right and left, or it can be ensured the determination of the area of tent use by keeping the one tent open while others are open.



Retractable Pergola

200 cm. - 1300 cm.

*Forward Expansion
200 cm. - 1000 cm.

Remote Control

  • All components and profiles are coated with electrostatic powder painting.
  • Optionally, the product is enclosed with transparent mica or guillotine window, folding glass and zip blind systems to create fully enclosed environments.
  • For awning designs, blackout fabric and flame-retardant fabric are used.
  • The dimensions of the system is maximum 13 x 8 in one piece.
  • System is collapsible and retractable.
  • System has purpose gutter and internal drainage system.
  • The fabric has waterproof specification.
  • It has LED lighting system.
  • The system is motorized. It works with remote control.
  • System utilizes extruded aluminium frame.