Meet one of the most talented members of the articulated awning class. Colorful covers on all sides of the smart awning match the color of the environment and awning fabric. The rain channel at the front of the tent prevents water from flowing down the fringes, i.e. to your desk, to your chair. The tilt adjustment system for smart is first in Turkey. With this mechanism, you can easily change the tilt angle of your awning with the tilt handle.

In contrast to the sun’s motion in the east-west direction, it is enough to change the tilt of your tent to ensure that the seating are in the shade.

Thanks to the optional “moving fringe” system, 200 cm of the fringe on the front, you can block the sun rays coming from the front with the up and down movement

Optionally, there is a gradient adjustment mechanism that allows easy separation of the awning slope (in the front profile, there are special rain gutters that prevent rainwater from flowing down the fringe)

Aluminum injection molding parts

Aluminum extrusion profiles

Electrostatic powder coating

(RAL catalog colors; standard RAL 9016 white)

Stainless connection bolts and pins

Imported acrylic Fabric; 100 different colors and pattern options