Technical Architecture Textile Structures

Different manufacturing and assembly stages of architectural structures designed according to the principles of aesthetics and functionality are available.

After the stages of static analysis, forming, finishing, the product is delivered to the end user by our professional team with the appropriate technical equipment.

Canvas Material:

The canvas used in membrane awning systems; the specially woven and protective layer of P.V.C. and P.V. D.F. coated materials are the materials for this system.


It is the process that ensures that the stretching forces to be applied to the system are balanced at all points of the surface.

Static Analysis:

Making changes in places of deformation in the analyses made on the purpose of rendering the system safer.


The form found as a result of the analyses is prepared by breaking the canvas into strips and combined with the appropriate assembly system (high frequency welding).

Areas of Use:

Sports facilities, culture - art centers, tourism and entertainment structures, commercial and individual spaces...