It is an elegant and practical solution to protect your houses, villas, stores and offices from the harmful rays of the sun. All you have to do is a single touch on a remote control and watching the opening or closing of your awning. Maybe, you’d prefer to open your tent by itself, depending on the position of the sun. Can Wintent shut down automatically according to the severity of the wind? All these are possible with Solaris’s sensors.

  • Since the slope of the Wintent model can be adjusted between 0-175 degrees, the desired amount of sunlight can be entered into the environment.
  • Wintent’s compact cassette system integrates with the appearance of your outer surface while protecting the fabric and the mechanism against adverse air conditions.

  • Compact cassette system that protects the fabric
  • Special spring arms that allow the fabric to stand stretched
  • Aluminum injection molding parts
  • Aluminum extrusion profiles
  • Stainless connection bolts and pins
  • Wind and solar sensor option
  • Imported acrylic Fabric; 100 different colors and pattern options