Zip Screen System

Technical Specifications

The zip screen system is much more resistant to wind than alternative systems due to the perforated structure of the material used and the zipper teeth on the sides and it is designed to prevent the fabric component from coming out of the side channel system thanks to the zipper teeth on the side parts.

Zip screen system is a product developed to keep the indoor temperature at the most appropriate level by protecting it from sun rays.

The zip screen system, designed to prevent overheating of the space, contributes significantly to the user’s budget since it prevents the user from using the air conditioning or cooling systems intensively during the summer months. In the winter months, however, the curtain ensures you to appropriately use the light entering into your space.

The zip screen system prevents direct exposure to harmful UV rays and allows sunlight to enter the space by being filtered through the curtains.

In applications made in the front of windows, there is no possibility of shining or reflection because the sun rays will not directly touch the glass surface.

The Zip screen system prevents flies and insects from getting into the spaces, and ensures continuation of your visual contact because it does not completely cover your perspective. Most of the other alternative systems completely cover the outer environment image.

In brief, the zip screen system is a new application that meets your needs with more rational, aesthetic and functional solutions in fields such as commercial enterprises, housing, shopping centers where there is a need for heat insulation, visual contact and protection from sun, wind, rain, and insects.